signs he is cheatingMaybe he’s been spending too much time at the office.  Maybe it’s all those strange phone calls he’s been getting.  Maybe something just seems “off” lately.  One way or the other, you’ve got your suspicions and you’re looking for some signs he is cheating on you.

Get the Real Scoop on What He’s Up to

I know how difficult things can be when you’re not sure about your relationship and whether or  not your spouse or partner is being faithful.  It happens to the best of us from time to time.

Here are a few signs he is cheating:

  • Of course one of the biggest signs of an unfaithful husband is that he just might not be around as much as he used to.  If you notice your man seems to “work late” a lot, that could be a clue.  Maybe you can check up with his place of employment to find out the truth.
  • Another thing to be on the lookout for is a sudden attention your guy might be putting into his appearance.  If there’s another woman in the picture, he might be trying to impress her by making sure he looks his best.  Is he trying out a new look?  Has he updated his wardrobe and gotten rid of those lame football jerseys that he used to wear?
  • The third of the signs of an unfaithful husband is a general decrease in the amount of money coming into the bank account.  Generally affairs tend to cost money.  The gifts, the date, those “work conventions” that aren’t really work-related, if you catch my drift.  Take a look at your bank account and look for any unusual activity.
  • Check his cell phone.  One of the biggest signs he is cheating is a lot of phone calls to a particular person.  You might have to dig a little though, since most guys aren’t complete idiots and he may have given his mistress a code name like “Eric” or whatever.  A good way to check is to look at his text messages and see if “Eric” has been sending some messages that you wouldn’t really expect someone named “Eric” to send…
  • While you’re at it, look at the internet history on his computer.  Another big sign he is cheating (especially with online affairs) is an increased amount of time on the computer.  Now, most guys will clear out the browser history to try to cover their tracks, but there are other ways to find out.  You can get special keylogger software to monitor exactly what he is typing if you really need to know for sure.
  • Are there any changes in sexual activity in your relationship with him?  There may be a sudden and sharp decrease in sexual activity if your husband has a new outlet for his desires.  On the other hand, sex between you and him might actually increase.  With the thrill of an affair, he may actually want sex more often.  Don’t ask what (or who) is running through his head while you’re getting intimate, though.
  • And of course, if you want to know one of the biggest signs of an unfaithful husband, it is your women’s intuition.  Women are naturally quite sharp and clever when it comes to intuition.  If you suspect something is off, then there probably is.

Have an honest talk with your husband and see if he thinks there are any problems with your relationship.  Keep digging and don’t settle for the canned “Everything’s fine.” response. Remember, an affair is just a symptom that something isn’t working with his relationship with you, and if you can fix your relationship then he’ll never have the need to cheat on you.

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