Hey buddy.  So you and your wife are having some problems and you want to find some help getting your wife back.  I’m sorry we couldn’t have met under better circumstances.  I know how hard it can be to see someone you love walk out the door on you.

It can be even harder when your wife leaves you for someone else.

This is something that women tend to do more often than men.  I’m not really sure why this is.  Probably because women generally feel the need to have their next relationship all lined up before they leave their current one more than men do.  But whatever the reason, it just adds that much more of a sting when she leaves you.

Don’t worry though.  This is simply a rebound relationship. These types of relationships often fail because there is so much stress for your wife’s new boyfriend to life up to you and the level of commitment that your marriage was at.

Even if she keeps calling you to rub her new relationship in your face, don’t be phased by it.  Remember, this is mostly just an act to make you feel bad and if you don’t let it get to you, it will throw her off and she’ll start to doubt her new relationship.  Always present yourself to her as if your life is going great and you’re well on your way to getting your wife back!

Getting Your Wife Back: Stay Cool

Trying to show off her new relationship is also probably a way for her to further convince herself that leaving you was a good idea.  If you act out and get angry or try to tell her how her new partner is bad for her, it will only validate her belief that leaving you was for the best.

Instead, if you simply turn on the charm and show her your best qualities (without coming off as desperate) she will start to see the error of her ways.  There is no way that a new man can compete with all the history that you and your wife share, so putting your best foot forward is key to getting your wife back and will make her remember all the good things about you.

This will place more stress on your wife’s new relationship and before you know it, she’ll realize that she isn’t seeing this new man for who he is, but simply because he’s not you.  This is enough to spell doom for just about any rebound relationship out there.

Getting Your Wife Back: How to Date Her Again

At this point, you still need to take things slowly and not come off as too eager to reclaim your relationship.  Tell your wife that you’d like to see her again casually.  Start with something small and low-commitment like getting together for coffee.  This is very informal and doesn’t carry the pressure and expectation that a dinner date often does.

When you meet her remember to be positive and upbeat.  You want to make sure that she begins to associate positive feelings with you again.  If possible try to leave after about an hour or so.  Leave her wanting more so that she is eager to see you again.  This makes getting your wife back that much easier.

Continue to date her over the next few weeks and remember to keep things light and fun like when the two of you first started dating way back when.  Try to avoid heavy subjects like your marriage for the time being unless she brings up the subject.  The goal is to enjoy spending time with each other in the here-and-now and not worrying about the past or the future or getting your wife back.

Getting Your Wife Back: Reconciliation

If things seem like they are going well after the two of you have been out on a couple dates over a few weeks, then you might mention that it seems that the two of you are getting along well.  Then you can suggest that the two of you reconcile.

From here, it is important though that the two of you don’t fall back into old routines.  If you want things to be different this time around, you need to make changes.  Try to work together with your wife to figure out how the two of you can avoid similar problems in your marriage.

If you’re still having problems working things out and getting your wife back, I recommend you check out the Ex Recovery System.  Now, Ashley Kay, the author of the book might seem a little young for a relationship expert, but I think she’s got some excellent tips to help reopen the lines of communication with you and your wife. Click here to discover exactly what you need to do to get her back.


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