Has it come to the point in your marriage that your love life has gotten a little stale? Or are you and your spouse having a hard time trying to find that old lovey feeling again?

Like back at the beginning of the marriage. Well don’t worry because here are some things you can do if you want to know how to get the love back in your marriage.

Just know your love hasn’t disappeared or vanish far off into the clouds.

Even with couple who are struggling to keep their marriage together still have that love. The more challenging part is trying to rekindle that love. If you want to know how to get the love back , know it’s still there, just buried under a pile of stress.

Keep in mind there are highs and lows in marriages, sometimes even plateaus. Love goes through many different stages. Starting with the first stage of falling in love. Your world just couldn’t get any better. You were infatuated and walking on cloud nine.

Once you guys are past the falling in love phase, you guys become more comfortable with each other. This is where intimacy builds. The fiery hot and passionate moments you guys use to share was replaced with intimacy. Intimacy comes from really knowing someone and appreciating them. If you want to know how to get the love back, cultivate that intimacy. Love has many stages and cycles.

Think about, once you guys got over your honeymoon phase, the reality of life kicked in right? Worked, kids, and overall stressed played a big factor in why the romance fizzled. Think of love as  a fire. A fire that burns with passion and romance. Now imagine what that fire will look like after you left it unattended for so long. It dies out right? Same with your love. You need to rekindle that flame that you guys once had. If you truly want to know how to get the love back in your relationship, cultivate your love every day.

How to Get the Love Back: Look For Love Within Yourself

A lot of people who feel unloved by their spouse usually feel unloved by there own selves. When you attracted love in your life, you weren’t expecting it were you? You dated a bit and but when you did fall in love, it practically slammed you against the wall.

First steps first, look to fill your cup with love by loving yourself. I don’t mean giving yourself bear hugs and what not. But find ways to appreciate yourself and feel good about yourself. Think about all the AMAZING  qualities you possess. What can you do right now to make yourself feel better? How can you improve your own self worth, self esteem and confidence?

When you’re feeling at the top of the world and in complete love of yourself, you attract people and situations to you. At a party, would you rather hang out with someone who’s the life of the party or the person crying in the corner? I’m not saying FAKE your happiness, find genuine happiness starting with working on the part of your life that you feel is lacking.

Soon, your spouse will notice how much love you have for yourself you will undoubtedly catch his attention.This will open the doors of more affection and love you are so desperately seeking for.

How to Get the Love Back: Flaunt it (Appropriately of Course!)

With this whole new perspective and attitude, you can also use improving your appearance as another weapon of choice.  Go get your hair done, buy a new cologne, what ever you do, put your best foot forward. Most times in a marriage or any long relationship, we tend to let ourselves go because we don’t feel the need to impress our lover anymore.

Being comfortable with your spouse is an added bonus to your relationship, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress every now and then. It’s not too late to fix a broken marriage.

How to Get the Love Back: Show PDA

When you guys are out and about together, show your affection for one another. I’m not saying it has to get down and dirty but innocent hand holding is an intimate and loving gesture. It will also hint to your spouse that maybe he or she has been lacking on showing their affection to you and can take it as a reminder to show the love!

Another added bonus is, if you’re getting love and affection, you’re less likely to find love and affection from another source, keeping infidelity away. PDA is a shout out to everyone around you that this is the love of your life and you’re  not afraid to express your love.

Just by doing these 3 things, you can catch your spouse’s attention again. Remember, in order to reignite the fun, playful, romantic and passionate side of your relationship, you have to put effort into it as well. Take responsibility of why you don’t feel as loved as you used to. Remember, if you give love (starting with yourself,) you evidently get it in return. I hope this article has answered your question on how to get the love back in your marriage. Imagine…A Marriage Filled With Tender Love and Passion..It’s Not Too Late!


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