Trying to figure out “how to save my marriage alone?” Has it been a really long time since you and your spouse were genuinely happy in your marriage? You and your spouse used to be so happy and in love together. Fighting in a marriage is normal. In fact, says it can actually be healthy. But if your fights consists of door slamming, name calling or any forms of physical contact… than that’s when fights go from healthy to toxic.

Right now, being in a happy and loving marriage probably feels like nothing but a faded memory from a long time ago. Discover what you can do to save your marriage when you’re the only one that seems to be trying (especially if you’re constantly fighting).

Riddled With Thoughts of “How to Save My Marriage Alone?”: Understand This….

When you’re the only one trying to make your marriage work, understand that as much as you wished you could, you really can’t control your partner’s thoughts, feelings or actions. The more you try to get your husband or wife to do something, the more futile your efforts will be.

Telling your spouse that they need to give you more attention and affection will evidently repel them away from you. You can’t demand for attention and love, instead you must attract it. The more you demand for love, the farther you push your spouse away. Instead of asking yourself, “how to save my marriage alone,” ask yourself how you can cope with your emotions in a better way.

Understand that the only person who you can control is yourself. You might as well be trying to hit your head against a brick wall if you’re trying to get your spouse to be something other than what they are. You can’t force someone to change unless they genuinely want to change.

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