Hey there, I get tons of questions from guys out there wanting to know how to win their wife back. Here are some of the most common questions with my answers to “How can I win my wife back.”

Q: How can I win my wife back when she won’t even talk to me?

A: I see this question a lot when someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with them, and the answer is the same if you’re married–simply stop trying to contact her.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but when you pull away after trying to contact her for awhile, your wife will wonder what happened to you. She will miss you after a few weeks and she will probably reach out to you to catch up and see how you’re doing after awhile.

Keeping yourself from contacting her during these few weeks will seem like absolute torture, but trust me, she’ll call you. If after a whole month, you still haven’t heard from her, then you can call her up and casually suggest that the two of you catch up over coffee.

Q: How can I win my wife back when she’s seeing someone else?

A: Dating someone new after leaving your husband is very stressful and you can bet your bottom dollar that she is going to be comparing her new boyfriend to you the entire time. This is actually good for you.

Your job is to be happy, warm, and encouraging. Present yourself as the uplifting man that she fell in love with originally and she will naturally feel attracted to you again.

This will cause her to doubt her new relationship even more than she already does (and trust me, she does doubt it quite a bit).

Make your intentions clear that you want to get back together, but don’t pressure her about it. Keep things relaxed and upbeat. Eventually she will start to miss the good times the two of you shared and she will likely agree to giving things another shot.  If you don’t give up hope, getting your wife back is definitely possible.

Q: How can I win my wife back when I screwed up big time?

A: Okay, man. I get it. You messed up big time. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there at some point. It’s how you handle things afterward that determines if you can save your marriage or not.

First, man up and apologize. Know what your apologizing for and make sure it’s sincere. Nothing is worse than a half-hearted apology just to smooth things over. Mean it, but don’t excessively apologize.

Then have an honest discussion with your wife about what went wrong and develop a plan for making sure that it doesn’t happen again. Admit your part in the problem, but also try to keep in mind that your wife likely contributed to the situation too.

This isn’t an exercise in finding blame. Just a way to truthfully see the situation as it really is.

Q: How can I win my wife back when she’s said that it is absolutely over?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to force someone to love you, but if the two of you were married, then I’m guessing that she did love you at some point. This means that there is still a part of her that feels affection for you.

Now it won’t be easy, and there isn’t a guarantee that this will work but women leave relationships when their emotional needs aren’t being met. If you can find a way to rekindle the hope that you can be there for her without coming off as desperate, then there is a good shot that she will be willing to give your marriage a second shot.

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