Is your marriage on the verge of falling apart? Does winning your husband back seem next to impossible?

Or maybe you and your husband got in a little fight and you don’t know how to make amends this time around. You don’t want this argument swept under the rug and “forgotten” about.

That will only make problematic issues come up in the future.  This can result in so many problems in your marriage and if your husband decides to leave you, there are some things that you can do to make winning back your husband back a cinch.

Winning Your Husband Back: Understanding His Pride

Men can be very prideful creatures. Did you do something that  bruised his ego? As men grow older, they have more insecurities in their life and sometimes unknowingly, woman’s success can add to those insecurities. Winning your husband back means that you have to help him deal with these insecurities. It doesn’t mean that if you have to quit your job or lower yourself in order to do that. You can still be the best that you can be and not add damage hurt his ego.

For example, why don’t you celebrate with him when you have a promotion? Let him feel that he is also a part of your success. It is a good thing that you acknowledge your husband during your success. It would make him feel less incompetent. You will have to remind him that you guys are married, your success is his success and vice versus. Too much pride can indefinitely damage any relationship.

Winning Your Husband Back: Building Intimacy Back

Do you spent less time with your husband? As a woman we feel like we have to do everything for everyone. If you have kids and work, you probably spent less time with your spouse since you prioritize these first. Make your husband a priority as well. Rebuild your connection with your husband.

You can do that by spending more time with him. Be sure to set aside time for you and your husband. Go on date nights or a weekend getaway together, just the two of you.  Go do the things you guys used to love doing together. Walks, dinner dates, playing board games and drinking wine.

Whatever it is, just find a way to reconnect and add spark to your relationship. Remember that in winning your husband back, you need to make him a top priority in your life no matter how hectic life can be.  By spending more time with your husband, you are rebuilding that intimacy you guys lost sometime down the road.

Winning Your Husband Back: Make Him Want You

Have you lost “it”? It’s very common to let your self go after being with someone a long time. In the beginning of relationships, you try very hard to look good but as  time and intimacy builds up, people tend to get “too comfortable” with themselves and let them selves go. Are you one of these people?

Revamp your style. Go get a new haircut, a new outfit, a new and improved YOU! Not only will this catch his eye but your personality will attract him more than how you physically look.  Boosting up your self confidence will make you a more appealing person.

The most important thing to remember is to love yourself and soon that love will radiate out from you and draw everyone to you, including your husband! Try winning your husband back using these 3 simple tips. Do you miss him? Discover what you Can do to win your husband back!


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  1. Sharrie says:

    Thank you for this. this has relaly helped me get in a better state of mind when it comes to attracting my hubby.

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